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Waiver Management System (WMS)

Page posted: 10/01/03

Page reviewed: 9/6/16

Page updated: 9/6/16


The Waiver Management System (WMS) is an online tool that DHS developed. Lead agencies use WMS to manage costs for the following home and community-based disability waiver programs:

System features

Lead agencies use WMS to:

  • • Identify current and potential waiver recipients
  • • Simulate the cost of adding a new waiver recipient or a change to an existing recipient’s services
  • • Communicate waiver budget changes to DHS.
  • Data

    The information in WMS is based on data the lead agencies enter into the Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS).

    WMS downloads information from MMIS on a monthly basis. Because of this download schedule, WMS does not display the immediate MMIS changes lead agencies make. The accuracy of WMS information depends on the accuracy of the information lead agencies enter in MMIS.

    System security and access

    Only authorized lead agency staff may access WMS. Authorized users login to WMS using a key fob and password. Before staff has access to WMS, they must complete required privacy training in TrainLink. (Each person’s personalized training plan should include required courses).

    If authorized WMS users change, lead agencies should contact


    To help users navigate WMS, DHS created the following WMS training videos:

    DD Waiver Management System videos

    CCB Waiver Management System videos

    Additional resources

    Financial Management of the Waivers – Overview
    Financial Management of the Waivers – CAC, CADI, BI

    Financial Management of the Waivers – DD

    Disability Waiver Rate System (DWRS)

    Rate Management System (RMS)

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