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Community-Based Services Manual / Disability Services Program Manual

This manual is a reference tool for lead agencies who administer home and community-based services that support older Minnesotans and people with disabilities. This manual replaces DHS Bulletins as the primary means of information dissemination to lead agencies for the Disability Services Division (DSD). The Aging and Adult Services Division (AASD) will continue to disseminate bulletins to lead agencies in addition to updating this manual.

News and events

There are no news and events at this time.

Navigate the manual

  • What’s New – Find a list of recent changes to content in the CBSM.
  • CBSM site map – Find a list of pages in the CBSM by sorted by general section and subsection.
  • Receive notice of public comments periods, policy changes and more

  • DSD eList – Sign up for the DSD lead agency eList to hear about and receive notice of public comment periods, federal and state policy changes, updates and revisions in the CBSM.
  • Archive of DSD lead agency eList announcements – Find a list of past announcements sorted by calendar year and month.
  • ASSD lead agency eList – AASD manages an electronic mailing list to provide information to county, tribe and managed care organization staff who work with the Elderly Waiver, Alternative Care and Long-Term Care programs.
  • Archive of AASD lead agency eList announcements – Find a list of past announcements.
  • Resources

    1. Disability and Aging PolicyQuest – Online system for lead agencies to submit policy questions for written responses.

    2. MMIS Resource Center Help Desk – Technical assistance on the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) to lead agencies for disability and aging related MMIS issues (edits, screening documents and service agreements).

    3. Regional Resources Specialists – Disability related case consultation, regional meetings and planning for lead agencies.

    4. DSD Response Center – General questions regarding Disability Services Division programs.

    Notify Information Desk of changes to county listing

    Email any name, address, phone or other changes to the Information Desk. DHS’s Information Desk staff update the DHS county and tribe information (PDF).

    Sign up for e-mail notification of DHS news updates

    Subscribe to News from DHS if you would like to be added to a monthly e-mail notification list for department news and website updates.

    Website available for bulk orders of preprinted DHS documents

    Counties, tribes, health care providers and others may access the order fulfillment website to order preprinted DHS forms. This replaces the fillable DHS form previously used to order department documents.

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