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ABCD III Project for children's healthy development
About DHS


Accessible formats

Access to prescription drugs

ACT - Assertive Community Treatment (MH)


Adolescent services


Adoption assistance

Adult mental health information for individuals

Adult mental health for providers and partners

Adult protection reporting information

Adult protection (vulnerable adults)

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

Adult Supports

Adults with disabilities, health care

Advisory councils


Aging 2030

Aging home and community services

AIDS/HIV programs


Alternative Care

Ambulatory surgery center (ASC)


Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center


Appeals database

Application forms

Application forms, child support

Application forms, health care

Applying for child support


Area Agencies on Aging

ARMHS information for providers

Assistive technology


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


Background studies (Licensing information)
Basic Sliding Fee Child Care Assistance

Benefit verifications on former Minnesota clients for SNAP and TANF programs

Brain Injury (BI) Waiver
(formerly called Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waiver)
Brochures, documents and forms (eDocs)

Brochures (Aging home and community services)

Brochures (Child support)

Brochures (Health care)

Brochures (MFIP)

Budget forecasts


Bulk order document fulfillment website


CAC and CADI Waivers
Calendar of events

Case management (children’s mental health)

Case management
(targeted case management providers)
CASII (Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument)

CCAP Manual


Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Charging for reports, analysis

Chemical dependency – information for providers (CCDTF)

Chemical dependency – information for county and tribal human services agencies

Chemical health information for individuals

Chemical health
(publications and reports)
Child and Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument (CASII)

Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC)

Child and Teen Checkups – information for providers

Child and Teen Checkups – information for coordinators

Child care

Child care assistance

Child care assistance for MFIP and DWP families

Child Care Assistance Program Manual (CCAP Manual)

Child care development

Child care licensing

Child care research

Child Development Services (CDS)

Child protection

Child protection task force (Governor's Task Force on the Protection of Children)

Child support

Child Support Guidelines Calculator

Child support orders

Child Support Payment Center


Children with disabilities, health care

Children’s justice act

Children's Justice Initiative

Children’s mental health collaboratives

Children’s Mental Health Crisis Response Services (CRS)

Children’s mental health services

Children’s residential treatment Rule 5 providers

Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)

Children’s trust fund

Child Welfare Data Dashboard

Child Welfare Training System (MCWTS)


Citizen review panels

Civil rights


Clinical nurse specialist

Cochlear implants

Collaborative Psychiatric Consultation Service

Combined manual

Community Action Programs/Agencies

Community Alternative Care (CAC) Waiver for chronically ill individuals

Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) Waiver

Community Behavioral Health Hospitals (CBHH)

Community Food and Nutrition Program (CFNP)

Community health clinics

Community partners child support information

Compulsive gambling (see Gambling problems)
Consumer-Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

Consumer Support Grant

Contact DHS

Contact numbers

Contacts for reporters


Co-occurring disorders (MI-CD)

Copy costs, data requests

Core values

Cost of cash and Medical Assistance programs

Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA)
(continuing care)
Cost-of-living adjustment, child support

Cost reports

County and tribal workers (CountyLink)

Counties / regional offices

County case managers
(for MHCP enrolled providers)
County-contracted mental health rehabilitation services providers

County financial disputes

County human services agency - provider information

County human services cost report

County performance reports

County redesign

Crisis services (children’s mental health)

Cultural and Ethnic Communities Leadership Council

Cultural competency (children’s mental health)

Cultural competency guidelines

Culturally specific services (children’s mental health)


Database of fair hearings decisions

Data requests – policy and cost

Day training and habilitation - disability services

Day training and habilitation - DHS direct care and treatment
Day training and habilitation centers – information for providers

Day treatment providers

DC:0-3R (Diagnostic Assessment for Young Children)


Deaf and hard of hearing

Deaf and hard of hearing publications

Deaf Mentor Project

Deaf/blind resources

Demonstration to Integrate Care for Dual Eligibles

Dental Services Advisory Committee (DSAC)


Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver

DHS direct care and treatment

DHS employment

DHS Licensing Information Lookup

Diagnostic assessments

Direct deposit for child support payments

Directions to DHS


Disability and Aging PolicyQuest

Disability Linkage Line

Disability services

Disability Services Consumer-Directed Initiative
Disability Services Program Manual

Disability Services publications and reports

Disparities (children’s mental health)

Diversionary Work Program (DWP)

Diversionary Work Program Employment Services Manual

Documents and forms



Early childhood mental health evidence-based practices
Early Childhood Service Intensity Instrument (ECSII)

Early hearing detection and identification

Economic Opportunity programs

Economic support

ECSII (Early Childhood Service Intensity Instrument)

eDocs (forms and documents)

Education and Training Vouchers (ETV) program for foster care and adopted youth

ElderCare dev partnership

Elderly Waiver program

Elderly Waiver (EW) provider information

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Emergency Assistance (EA) costs and recipients

Emergency food

Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

Employee directory

Employer child support info

Employment with state or county human services agencies

Employment with state or county human services agencies FAQs

Employment and Training (SNAP)

Employment services manual

Enrollees in cash and medical case assistance programs

Enrollment figures, managed care

Enrollment information for Minnesota Health Care Programs providers

Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

Equipment distribution program

Evidence-based practices (children’s mental health)

Executive staff bios

Expenditures, cash and medical care assistance programs

Extended foster care


Fact sheets
Fair hearings decisions database

Family Assessment Response
(formerly known as Alternative Response)
Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota (FAIM) (PDF)

Family Group Decision Making

Family planning

Family planning providers

Family planning providers, Minnesota Family Planning Program

Family services collaboratives

Family Support Grant

(general program questions)
(Health care)
(Licensing information)
Federally qualified health clinics


Financial Operations Division

Financial Operations, Reports and Forecasts

Fiscal notes and cost analyses

FMLA forms and information

Food Assistance Program


Foreign languages


Foster care

Framework for the Future (PDF)


Fraud hotlines

Frequently asked questions about SNAP (food benefits)


Gambling problems
General Assistance Program

General Assistance Program costs and enrollments

Governor's Task Force on the Protection of Children

Grants and RFPs

Great Start Minnesota

Group residential housing (GRH)

Guidelines for child support orders

Guidelines for Culturally Competent Organizations


Hard of hearing
Health care programs

Health Care administration

Health Care Delivery System Demonstrations

Health care fact sheets

Health care homes

Health care program enrollment figures

Health Care Programs Manual

Health Care Research and Quality

Health care waivers


Health Services Advisory Council (HSAC)

Healthy Transition and Homeless Prevention program

Hearing aid dispenser

Hearing aids

Hearing loss

Help desk for MHCP Enrolled Providers


Home and community-based waivers

Home and community based waiver providers

Home and community services (seniors)

Home care services

Home health agencies

Homeless/shelter programs

Hospice providers


Hotlines, fraud


Human Services Performance Management System


ICF/DD (Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities)
ICF/DD providers

ICF/DD systems manual


IEP/school district providers

IMR - Illness Management and Recovery (MH)

Independent lab providers

Independent X-ray providers

Indian child welfare

Indian Elder Desk

Indian health service/facility

Indian Policy, Office of

Information requests – policy and cost

Institutional Review Board (PDF)

Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT)

Intensive residential treatment services providers

Interpreter referral

Interpreter referral grants

Interstate compact on placement of children

Investigations in DHS-licensed programs

(Information Technology)


Jensen Settlement



Language assistance
Late deafened

Laws, legal resources and advocates

Legislative reports - aging

Level of care determination (children’s mental health)

Licensed independent clinical social workers (LICSW)

Licensed marriage and family therapists


Licensing Information Lookup

Limited English Proficiency
Long-term care ombudsman

Long-term care consultation

Long Term Care Partnership

LPN/RN (Private duty nurse)


Managed care contracts

Managed care enrollment figures

Managed care, Ombudsman for State Managed Health Care Programs

Managed care organizations

Managed care reporting


Map to DHS

Medicaid (known as Medical Assistance in Minnesota)

Medicaid reform

Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance (Medicaid/MA) program costs and enrollments

Medical Assistance reform

Medical home (known as health care home)

Medical suppliers

Medical support/health care coverage, child support

Medical transportation providers

Medicare-related programs

Mental health - information for adults

Mental health – children

Mental health providers

METO settlement agreement


MFIP program costs and enrollments

MFIP reports

MHCP Enrolled Providers

MHCP enrollee notices

MHCP Pay-for-Performance program

MHCP Provider Directory

MHCP Provider Manual

Minnesota Board on Aging


MinnesotaCare costs and enrollments

Minnesota Child Support Online

Minnesota Child Welfare Training System (MCWTS)

Minnesota County Human Service Cost Report

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)

Minnesota Family Investment Program Child Care Assistance

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) costs and enrollments

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) Employment Services Manual

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) reports

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) rules and regulations

Minnesota Family Planning Program

Minnesota Family Planning Program providers

Minnesota Food Assistance Program (MFAP)

Minnesota Food Shelf Program (MFSP)

Minnesota Health Care programs (MHCP)

Minnesota Hunger Partners

Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO)

Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP)

Minnesota Sex Offender Program - Policies

Minnesota Specialty Health System

Minnesota State Operated Community Services (MSOCS)

Minnesota Supplemental Aid

Mission statement of the Department of Human Services



MSA Housing Assistance

Multilingual referral lines


NDC (National Drug Code) Search
News from DHS

News releases

NorthStar Care for Children

Nurse midwife

Nurse practitioner

Nursing facilities – Provider Enrollment

Nursing home care - Eligibility

Nursing home databases

Nursing homes – information for consumers

Nursing homes - information for providers

Nutritious Food Coalition


Occupational therapist
Office of Economic Opportunity

Office of Indian Policy

Ombudsman for Long-Term Care

Ombudsman for State Managed Health Care Programs

Online services


Options Initiative


Organization and management of the Minnesota Department of Human Services

Out-of-home placement (foster care)

Own Your Future


Parent Aware

Parent Support Outreach


Parental fees

Parental Fee Estimator

Parental rights (child support)

Parking information

Parent-Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT)

Part C (IDEA)

Partners and Providers

Partnership for Long Term Care


Paternity establishment
Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)

Payment information, child support

Payments, online

PCIT (Parent-Child Interactive Therapy)

People age 65 or older, health care

Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement (see Health Care Research and Quality)
Personal care assistant organizations

Pharmacy providers

Phone numbers
(contact numbers for DHS divisions)
Physical therapist


Physicians assistant



Policy research - Aging

Power of Two video

Pregnant women and newborns, health care

Prepaid health plan

Preprinted DHS documents order site

Primary care

Primary Care Coordination (PCC) program

Private duty nurse (RN/LPN)

Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)

Project 2030

Protective services for adults

Protective services for children

Provider directory, MHCP

Provider information for nursing facilities

Provider website, MHCP

Psychiatric consultation


Public document annual reports


(Child support)
(Deaf and hard of hearing)
Public health clinic

Public health nursing


Questions/answers (Nursing homes)
Questions, frequently asked


Recognition of parentage
Recipients of cash and medical care assistance
(Reports and forecasts)
Reform 2020

Refugee assistance (Refugee services)

Regional offices for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Regional treatment centers, MHCP enrolled providers

Rehabilitation centers

Relative Custody Assistance (RCA)

Renal dialysis provider

Report fraud

Reporting forms
(Nursing homes)

Reports and forecasts

Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Respite services (children’s mental health)

RFPs (Requests for Proposals) and grants

RN/LPN (Private duty nurse)


Rulemaking docket

Rural health clinic


Safe Place for Newborns
St. Peter Regional Treatment Center/Minnesota Security Hospital

School district/Individualized Education Program providers

School-linked mental health services

Screening (children’s mental health)

SDQ (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire)

Self Program

Senior nutrition

Service providers
(Office of Economic Opportunity)
Sex Offender Civil Commitment Advisory Task Force

Sex offender treatment

Sign language interpreters


SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

SNAP – E and T (SNAP Employment and Training Program)


Special Needs BasicCare (SNBC)

Speech therapy

State Operated Services (now part of Direct Care and Treatment)

Statistics, program costs and enrollments

Staying together

Stored value card account for child support payments

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)

Subscribe to email lists

Substance abuse

Suicide prevention

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training Manual (SNAP E&T Manual)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training Program (SNAP E&T)

Supports for working families

Systems of care


TBI Waiver (see Brain Injury (BI) Waiver)
Technical assistance
(Chemical health)
Technical assistance
(Disability services)
Technical assistance
Technical assistance
(Mental health)
Telephone Equipment Distribution Program

Telephone interpreter services


TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Training (Aging)

Training (Chemical health)

Training (Disability services)

Training (Adult mental health)

Training (Children’s mental health)

Training (foster care)

Transition services

Transition Year (TY) Child Care Assistance

Translated forms and documents

Translation services

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

Trauma-informed care

Tribal human services (chemical dependency)

Tribal social services



Verifications, online benefit verifications on former Minnesota clients for SNAP and TANF
Veterans and service members


Visitor parking information

Vulnerable adults


Waivered services providers (home and community based)
Website / technical
Welfare reform

White Earth transfer project

Wisdom Steps

Wraparound, children's services




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