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Minnesota Department of Human Services PCA Manual
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Personal Care Assistance

Flexible use of PCA services

Page posted: 08/21/09

Page reviewed:

Review Date: 04/27/11

Legal Authority

Minn. Stat. §256B.0659, subd. 15


Consumers may use their PCA hours/units in a flexible manner to meet their needs within the following limits:

1. Total authorized hours/units must be divided between two six-month date spans.
2. No more than 75% of total authorized hours/units may be used in a six-month date span; health and safety must be assured.
3. Units cannot be transferred from one six-month date span to another.
4. Additional PCA hours/units cannot be added unless there is a change in condition.

The consumer/responsible party and PCA provider agency are responsible to monitor the use of PCA hours/units.

Persons are not eligible for flexible use of PCA hours/units when any of the following occur:

  • • County denies flexible use
  • • DHS revokes or denies flexible use
  • • Person is assigned to the Minnesota restricted recipient program (MRRP)
  • Assessor Responsibilities

    During the assessment process, the assessor describes the flexible use of PCA hours/units and the consumer tools with the consumer. The assessor documents the number of hours/units for each six-month date span on one of the following:

    Waiver Case Manager Responsibilities

    Following the initial assessment and authorization process, the waiver case manager may increase the number of PCA hours/units due to a change in condition by adding extended PCA units as one line item on the waiver service agreement.

    Extended PCA services may not be authorized for misuse of state plan PCA services.

    Recipient Responsibilities

    The consumer is responsible to:

  • • Communicate to provider if there is a change in condition requiring additional service
  • • Communicate to the assessor the number of hours/units per six-month date span
  • • Determine how to use the total authorized amount of PCA services to meet their needs and assure health and safety
  • • Develop a month-to-month plan on use of PCA hours/units as part of the care plan
  • • Monitor use of PCA services to assure authorized amount meets needs throughout the six-month date span
  • PCA Provider Agency Responsibilities

    The PCA provider agency is responsible to:

  • • Assure the consumer has completed a month-to-month plan for the use of PCA hours/units and is added to the PCA care plan
  • • Monitor use of PCA hours/units
  • • Notify consumer/responsible party if they will likely use or has used more PCA service hours/units than authorized in a six-month date span or is over the month-to-month plan for the use of PCA hours/units
  • DHS Responsibilities

    DHS will provide written notice to the provider and the recipient/responsible party when a recipient is at risk of exceeding the PCA services prior to the end of the six-month period.

    Misuse, Denial and Revocation

    DHS can deny or revoke flexible use of PCA services based on information gathered and can take action including, but not limited of:

  • • Require recipient to have a responsible party
  • • Require the qualified professional to monitor and report services on a monthly basis
  • • Restrict recipient to monthly service authorizations
  • Health Plan

    Contact the recipient’s health plan for information on the health plan's flexible use policy.

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